2.36 The Sales Process

If this process is managed well it should lead to increased revenue and repeat customers. The diagram below shows the stages of the sales process:

sales process

  1. Customer interest – to get this right, staff need to have good product knowledge and people skills
  2. Speed & efficiency of service – customers have different expectations depending on the business e.g. they expect fast service at KFC, websites that are easy to navigate and use
  3. Customer engagement – is how the customer interacts with the business during the sales transaction. It can be high or low depending on the product e.g. buying an apple would be low engagement, buying a wedding dress would be high engagement
  4. Post sales service – some products need this e.g. new computer, car
  5. Customer loyalty – if a business offers poor service, customers will not be loyal – brand image and reputation will be damaged, customers will go to competitors, sales, revenue and profit will fall and ultimately the business may fail.

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