2.54 Effective Recruitment

Who does what in an organisation?

DIRECTORS make strategic decisions for the benefit of all stakeholders.

SENIOR MANAGERS deal with day to day decisions.

SUPERVISORS / TEAM LEADERS monitor employee performance.

OPERATIONAL STAFF are not involved in strategy or making decisions, they complete the day to day tasks of running the business.

SUPPORT STAFF carry out tasks which help the business to function.

The recruitment process

recruitment process

A job description describes the duties and responsibilities of the job.

A person specification outlines the personal; qualities of the ideal candidate.

A CV is a summary of the candidate’s working life to date.

An application form allows the business to assess the candidate’s written skills and it allows the business to compare the candidate to other applicants.

Recruitment methods

  • INTERNAL recruitment means attracting staff already working within the business to apply for the new job
  • EXTERNAL recruitment is where the business recruits new staff from outside the organisation

Internal recruitment is cheap, the skills of the person are already known and they already know the culture. However, it can lead to a stagnation of new ideas, and it also creates a vacancy from where they came from.

External recruitment provides a wider range of candidates who have new ideas and skills, however it is expensive, time consuming and possibly demotivating for existing employees.